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A Paramount Parable

466695833-V4Paramount Construction Co. is just beginning to show signs of reemergence from a construction downtown and expects to have a breakout year. But the company laid off key talent during the downturn and is now struggling to find the personnel to help it take advantage of the improving economy. Talent shortages in safety management and bidding wind up undermining the company’s ability to stay competitive. At renewal time, the company faces increased retention and collateral demands from carriers. What looked like an opportunity now looks like a disaster.

Minnick Engineering 911

148414918-V4_167x127A terminated employee becomes unhinged and exacts revenge on his employer, injuring five people with a softball bat. Unfortunately for the employer, Minnick Engineering, the news cameras are rolling when the employee is apprehended and the footage makes the evening news. From a coverage standpoint, Minnick Engineering is as vulnerable as its employees, prospective employees and contractors were the day of the attack. It is revealed that the terminated employee presented a potential threat that hadn’t been adequately addressed by company leadership. Hefty litigation expenses take a serious chunk from the company’s general liability policy. There is nowhere for Minnick to run and hide come renewal time.

The Plague of Baltimore

Pg2b-85449368-bBlue Mountain Regional Medical Center seeks to grow by attracting medical practices from the Mid-Atlantic region. All seems promising, but the professional liability risks posed by some of the physicians in the acquired practices are daunting. After the physicians are named in a class action, Blue Mountain discovers that it must cover the physicians’ prior acts, yet the hospital’s insurance coverage is not adequate to cover those exposures. Within months, what was once a promising and expanding organization is in retreat.

The Curse of the Black Adder

Pg2a-dv763011-v5pb_167x127Executives with regional grocer Pinecrest Food Markets rush to make amends when it is thought that customer financial data had been compromised in a cyber-breach. But the family-owned company’s executive team scrambles to do damage control without first having a good grasp of the language in their cyber coverage policy. Pinecrest’s problems go from bad to worse when it’s determined that there was in fact no breach. This fact leaves Pinecrest uncovered for its customer notification expenses and the company takes a serious reputational and financial hit.


Pg1b-179021820-wandaJon Fried is the risk manager for SharpTec, a drilling and mining tool manufacturer based in Delaware. Jon is keenly concerned when Wanda, a CAT 4, makes her way up the Atlantic coast. One thing that makes him feel a little bit better is his $20 million all-risk property policy that contains cover for a wind and a $5 million sublimit for flood. Wanda brings her wind and rain and the factory floods. Jon’s hopes are dashed when it is determined that Wanda is a flood event and not a wind event under the terms of his policy. SharpTec suffers further losses due to its failure to carry contingent business interruption insurance. Jon might keep his job, but his relationship with his superiors is severely damaged.

The Revenge of Aamer Raza

Pg1b-148166246-RS_167x127The peace of a summer afternoon is shattered when a bomb explodes in a busy Chicago building. Pomegranate, a national urban décor and clothing retailer, loses customers and employees in the blast, including an important executive. It becomes clear the company lacks an effective crisis response plan when it cannot quickly locate key personnel and fails to make important business continuity decisions. Bad feelings build up between the survivors of the deceased and the company’s grief-stricken executives. In the end, Pomegranate’s inability to communicate effectively with stakeholders and the bereaved has far-reaching financial and reputational consequences.

Black Jacked

BlackJackedWhen an electronics load is stolen during transport, the trucking companies involved, Royal and their subcontractor Omega, scramble to reclaim the loss. Omega’s previous electronics loss is revealed during the investigation, limiting the amount they can recoup. More critical issues emerge when Royal learns they had subcontracted the load to Omega without the proper coverage. The electronics shipper not only severs its contract with Royal, but sues the trucking company and wins. With no way of reclaiming its losses, Royal is forced to lay off staff.

The Best Laid Plans

The Best Laid PlansHale Everson, director of HR for Fuego Motors, joins forces with Brady Heller, CFO for Apex Healthcare, in a direct contract healthcare agreement. At first all seems well and good, but the dynamic duo doesn’t accurately forecast the impact of healthcare reform. Soon Apex is inundated with previously uninsured and unhealthy patients, creating a spike in costs. Apex’s financial woes lead key medical providers to threaten to jump ship, leaving Hale and Brady to have to answer to some very unhappy superiors.

No Way Out

Senior HR officer Marti Bevans and her colleagues work for a proven winner. They have guided the rise and expansion of national furniture retailer Purple Sage for the past 10 years. Despite warnings, they feel prepared to weather the storm of healthcare reform – so much so that they ignore their risk management consultant’s advice to create provider networks and better coordination of care for their employees. Over time, Purple Sage begins to feel the effects of The Affordable Care Act as injured workers experience delays in medical treatment and workers’ compensation costs rise into the double-digits in multiple states. An analysis of the problem comes too late, and Purple Sage is looking at millions in losses.

A Friend’s Betrayal

Pg3a-dv763015-193Little does retired firefighter and pension board member Jimmy Davis know how much damage his knowledge of his friend’s questionable expense account habits will do to him. When union members file a lawsuit against his friend Sal, Jimmy is named as a defendant. Things go from bad to worse when Jimmy learns that the county doesn’t indemnify its volunteer board members. Now looking at a possible felony conviction and the loss of his own pension, Jimmy realizes that running into burning buildings was much less terrifying than what he is now facing.

Mr. Jones

78746899_webHardworking sixty-year-old Ben Jones has been the envy of his friends for the fitness level he has maintained throughout his entire career. That ends when one day he is injured on the job. Off work and in pain, his physical health takes a nosedive as he quickly gains weight. As his symptoms worsen, it becomes increasingly obvious that Ben’s treatment plan is not working. An adjustor later flags Ben’s case for review, but at this point it looks like Ben’ road back to work is a long one.

Fire on the Mountain

Fire on the MountainVice President Rudy Mitchell is coasting on the success that his company, Los Montanas, has enjoyed in the high-end snack food industry. That all ends one morning when he sees a growing wildfire making its way straight towards the factory. The situation turns from critical to hopeless when all available emergency services are diverted to a nearby government facility, leaving the factory to burn to the ground. Will the company’s financial recovery plan be sufficient to ensure survival?

Scotch and Water

Scotch and WaterRay Ames and his brothers enjoyed much success since inheriting their family-owned liquor and wine importing business. But one pleasant evening turns sour when Ray’s company is accused of river pollution by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency. Larger problems are revealed when Ray is summoned before a regulatory panel and is accused of violating the Environmental Liability Directive, unleashing a string of accusations and lawsuits. With the company’s skeletons tumbling out of the closet, the future of Ames Importing looks dark.

Don’t Break the Chain

Jennifer Gage, risk manager at a plastics manufacturer, faces a classic supply chain risk challenge: getting organizational buy-in for a supply chain risk assessment before an aggressive new sourcing program is executed. Adding to the challenge is that each new supplier poses a unique set of complex concerns from natural catastrophe exposures to potential reputational risks. Will Jennifer be able to convince the stakeholders that it’s the right move to make in time?

Sick Building Blues

Linda Morris, head of HR for a design firm, has a puzzling problem: a mystery illness is causing a flood of absenteeism. Faced with mounting pressure from employees and management to find a solution, Linda takes every possible measure to combat the illness and identify a cause. After investigating several possibilities, the root of the problem is much more ominous than anyone would have guessed.

Paying Back the Viking

A manufacturing entrepreneur uses the occurrence of a major storm surge to get the drop on his foreign-owned competitor. Working with his quick-thinking controller, Heady Johnson of Johnson Industries pushes for a quick negotiation of his post-storm business interruption claim payment. Johnson uses the leverage of being willing to take a haircut on his property settlement to get paid faster and get back in business before his competitor.

A Nightmare in Veracruz

An unavoidable collision on a mountain road that leads to third party death and injuries spells trouble for a California-based oil drilling company. The losses pile up after it’s determined that the company allowed one of their employees to travel in a foreign country without a workable crisis management plan and the appropriate coverage should the employee be involved in an automobile accident.

The Great Wall of Pain

What looks like a solid acquisition in China starts to unwind when a typhoon strikes a manufacturing facility. A lack of transparency into the subsidiary’s policies makes what was a difficult claim to begin with next to impossible to resolve.

Down for the Last Time

Intervening in a workers’ comp case with an opioid problem may be the right thing to do. But coming in like a bull in a china shop in communicating with the treating physician will do more harm than good, as we find out in this scenario about a depressed bank worker who gets hurt and tries to medicate herself to happiness.

The Toxic Balloon

Claims Manager Nancy Strolich plays cat and mouse with Rick Cornell, an injured EMT worker who is trying to numb his grief and physical pain with prescription painkillers. Rick’s increasing drug dependency shatters his home life and shreds Nancy’s claim management efforts as his deceptive drug procurement practices reveal multiple weaknesses in the workers’ comp system.

Double Crossed

Emotions erupt like solar flares at an alternative energy company when a trusted colleague and friend of the CEO is accused of embezzlement. In his fury to run down the particulars of the case, the CEO ends up undercutting the risk manager’s attempts at putting together a proof of loss statement. The lack of a coherent plan to respond to investigations by law enforcement further traumatize the company.

Breaking Ben

Ben LeGrand built his organic food business for 30 years and is staring at the ultimate payout, the sale of his company for $1 Billion. But what looks like a simple supply chain decision turns into a risk management nightmare for Ben. Poor crisis management planning and inadequate coverage also have devastating consequences.

Babes in Lawsuit Land

Paul Ferranzo, the risk manager for the up and coming Beamish Babe retail line, is enjoying a sunny round of golf when the skies of his world suddenly darken. A tornado has touched down in the Midwest and torn his company’s distribution center to bits. Before Beamish Babe executives can get a grip on events, a company executive makes televised comments that the loss to the company is catastrophic. Paul did what he thought was a good job reporting the company’s risks to the SEC, but now he has real reasons to be nervous.

Deadly Exposures

Moving like a thief in the night, an outbreak of MRSA strikes a hospital, claiming the life of a young boy who had waged a valiant fight against a heart ailment. Emotions run high as the hospital’s administration moves to shut down wards affected by the outbreak, negotiate a reasonable settlement with the distraught family and rein in a staff doctor who is outraged by the young boy’s death. Vickie Flaherty, the hospital’s risk manager, sees her well-planned insurance program undercut by an unforeseen exclusion.

A Crushing, Complex Claim

A well-meaning claims adjustor tries to get the best quality of care for a young baggage handler who loses both his legs in a gruesome work accident. But her good intentions are undercut by the complexity of the case, a combative mother and a large case load.

An Explosive Claim

A gas leak induced explosion rips through the refrigerator of Terkee Jerkee’s meat snack processing plant killing three employees and causing extensive damage. The complicated claim is exacerbated by antiquated policy management tools and an overlooked endorsement.

The Downward Spiral

Molly Granger is a top employee working in the warehouse of one of the largest online retailers. On her first day back at work after maternity leave, Molly suffers an injury due to a careless coworker. A regressive chain of events takes Molly down a path of pain medication addiction that is highly costly to her employer and her family.

The Witches of Adams Hall

Three brilliant sophomores steal complete email databases from hundreds of companies and securely post the data in a searchable format in the cloud. Many of these captured emails turn out to be reputational nightmares, particularly to a highly successful yoga clothing company led by a celebrity CEO.