Down for the Last Time

What Are Risk Scenarios?

Each Risk Scenario consists of two parts — The Scenario and The Analysis.

Part 1: The Scenario (15 minutes) Read The Scenario and answer integrated poll questions that solicit your approach to the situation. The Scenario is based on hypothetical situations that showcase emerging risks.

Part 2: The Analysis Benchmark your responses against other participants, access relevant Risk & Insurance articles, review curated resources from the web and learn about existing products.

Disclaimer: The events depicted in this scenario are fictitious. Any similarity to any corporation or person, living or dead, is merely coincidental.

Morning was coming slowly on this cold Boise Monday for Mia French, a bank teller with the Copper Bank & Trust Co.

Thankful at least for the strong coffee in the paper cup beside her, Mia was working on getting her drawer counted for the bank’s opening, which was less than 20 minutes away. She had to force herself every day to get her drawer ready; concentration for her was a real problem.

Mia stared glumly at the pedestrians walking on the snowy streets outside and the grey canopy of sky above them and sighed.

“What am I doing here?” Mia thought to herself. She had moved to this mountain state six years ago, but things weren’t going that well these days. She had few friends and her work relationships weren’t all that fulfilling.

The caffeine helped, but this was the way Mia, who had struggled since the age of 13 with depression, started most of her work days.  She was better in the summer, but these cold winter days in Boise really knocked her down.

Within 18 minutes, Mia herself would be literally knocked down.

It happened like this: When the branch manager walked forward to unlock the front doors of the bank, two massive men, dressed all in black with nylons obscuring their faces and carrying sawed-off shotguns, rushed in the door. One knocked the manager down brutally with the butt of his gun while the other made for the teller windows.

He was up and over the top of the counter before anyone could budge. A girl behind Mia screamed in terror. Mia turned to look at her and felt a blinding shock of pain hit her right knee.

In swinging down from the counter, the thug, who weighed at least 225 pounds, had come down on her leg, essentially kicking her knee out from under her.

Mia screamed as she hit the ground but the thug was unmerciful.

He prodded the shocked, prone girl with the twin barrels of the gun.

“Get up,” he said, his voice muffled from the nylon over his face.

He threw a cloth bag at her where she lay in the ground, shuddering and gasping from the pain in her knee.

“Get up and fill this bag,” he said.

“I can’t get up,” Mia said. She started to weep in pain and fear.

The thug stuck the barrels of the gun against her cheek and nudged her face.

“Get up I said,” the brute muttered threateningly.

Moaning from the pain, Mia managed to pull herself up to a standing position and started emptying her cash drawer into the bag she had been given.


To the in-network physician who oversaw Mia’s care after her release from the hospital, Mia appeared withdrawn, almost dazed.

“Perfectly natural under the circumstances,” he said to himself as he typed notes in his laptop, as he covertly assessed Mia’s appearance during a follow-up office visit.

Mia’s hair was oily and her skin sallow. She appeared listless, her only gesture playing with a hank of her hair, twining it and untwining it around one finger, like a child in winter in a boring math class.

The physician decided to keep Mia on an opioid painkiller to be taken every four to six hours as needed.

“You’ve had a very rude shock,” the doctor said. “It’s going to be a while until you get over this.”

“I’ll be okay,” Mia said. But when she said it, she didn’t make eye contact, her eyes still locked on the hank of hair she had round her finger.

Her words and her manner were unconvincing, but the doctor decided to let nature take its course.

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