What Would You Do?

Risk Scenarios combine interactive technology with hypothetical risk scenarios to create compelling learning opportunities. Created by Risk & Insurance editors along with key industry thought-leaders, Risk Scenarios challenge participants to first decide how they would handle a situation before learning the approach of peers and other industry experts.

A Paramount Parable

466695833-V4Paramount Construction Co. is just beginning to show signs of reemergence from a construction downtown and expects to have a breakout year. But the company laid off key talent during the downturn and is now struggling to find the personnel to help it take advantage of the improving economy. Talent shortages in safety management and bidding wind up undermining the company’s ability to stay competitive. At renewal time, the company faces increased retention and collateral demands from carriers. What looked like an opportunity now looks like a disaster.

Minnick Engineering 911

148414918-V4_167x127A terminated employee becomes unhinged and exacts revenge on his employer, injuring five people with a softball bat. Unfortunately for the employer, Minnick Engineering, the news cameras are rolling when the employee is apprehended and the footage makes the evening news. From a coverage standpoint, Minnick Engineering is as vulnerable as its employees, prospective employees and contractors were the day of the attack. It is revealed that the terminated employee presented a potential threat that hadn’t been adequately addressed by company leadership. Hefty litigation expenses take a serious chunk from the company’s general liability policy. There is nowhere for Minnick to run and hide come renewal time.

The Plague of Baltimore

Pg2b-85449368-bBlue Mountain Regional Medical Center seeks to grow by attracting medical practices from the Mid-Atlantic region. All seems promising, but the professional liability risks posed by some of the physicians in the acquired practices are daunting. After the physicians are named in a class action, Blue Mountain discovers that it must cover the physicians’ prior acts, yet the hospital’s insurance coverage is not adequate to cover those exposures. Within months, what was once a promising and expanding organization is in retreat.

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